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Established in 2012, SATIATE RESEARCH & ANATECH PVT. LTD. is a professional services company providing complete Analytical and Training solutions.

SATIATE is the fastest growing Govt. Approved independent analytical laboratory, serving the best in business among Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Herbal Products and Industrial chemicals.

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Herbal Products Analysis

Herbal Products Analysis

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Herbal Products Analysis

  • Testing of Raw Materials & Crude Drugs, as per API and all types of Finished products like Arishta, Bhasma, Churna, Lehya, Lepa, Thaila etc., as per Pharmacopoeial standards for Ayurvedic Preparations.
  • Limit Tests, Heavy metals and Pesticide Residues in Ayurvedic Formulations.
  • Microbiological analysis and identification of pathogens
  • Verification of ingredient, Identification and proportion as per manufacturer specification

Herbal Products Analysis

Alkaloids & Tannins

Phytoconstituents and Their Analaysis

Limit tests and Heavy Metals

Pesticide Residues Analysis

Microbiological Analysis

Development of Standardization Parameters

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